LINQ Experts will handle all the submitted information with the strictest confidentiality, according to the terms and conditions described below.

At the beginning of the process, you will be asked to provide a valid email address and a password. This will create your personal space on LINQ Experts database that will enable you to access the on-line application form.

Once you complete all the steps of the process, your data will be included in our database. However, our human resource department will carefully analyse and evaluate the information provided.

At the end of this analysis, you will be contacted by email and informed about the status of your application. You will have then access to the information that has been submitted and you will be able to modify / update this information at any time through your personal space.

If you prefer sending us a pre-existing CV, you can upload it from your personal space, just by clicking on the ‘Browse’ button.

IMPORTANT: we do not guarantee that you will be offered an assignment. 

Although we take great care to protect your data against possible misuse or unauthorized access, LINQ EXPERTS can not be held responsible for the loss or misuse of the information due to factors beyond our control (theft, pirating, etc.)

Confidentiality / Use of the information


The information that you provide will serve our internal purposes only: it will be used to identify possible candidates for our offers and/or projects. Your CV will not be included in any of our offers/proposals/letters of interest without your prior consent.

This information will not be transmitted to third parties unless you previously authorise us to do so for each transfer.

You will have access to the information related to your profile and you will be able to correct any mistake or to suggest any modifications, anytime in the future.

You can request the removal of your registration from our database at any time, by sending an e-mail to the address

Unless you explicitly request the removal of your registration from our database, your data will be kept for an indefinite period.